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Five-Or-So Longreads From 2011 That Are Just Splendid

These are, in no particular order, the five-or-so longreads that came to my mind when I decided to make a list of five-or-so longreads from 2011, so I guess it’s my List Of Longreads That I Guess Is A Top 5-Or-So List Since These Are The Ones I Am Listing list. Read them. Or don’t. Whatever.

"A Murder Foretold" by David Grann

It’s the New Yorker, it’s David Grann, and—this is redundant since it’s Grann—it’s fantastic. I made a joke about it that gives away the whole game, but it’s such a great piece that knowing “the twist” going into it doesn’t even matter.

"Consumed" by Grayson Schaffer

This is from Outside. It’s one of those stories about people who lead much more interesting lives than you do—a whitewater rafting guide in Africa in this case—which I enjoy reading a lot.

"The Heart of Football Beats In Alliquippa" by S.L. Price

From Sports Illustrated, it’s one of those sprawling looks at sport’s bond to a region that eventually gets a book-and-movie deal.

"You Blow My Mind. Hey, Mickey!" by John Jeremiah Sullivan

This JJS hit from the New York Times Magazine was probably my favorite thing to read in 2011. He’s a treasure. The sort of treasure who takes his young daughter to Disney World for a family trip and gets high with another dad who’s stuck in the same situation.

"Los Angeles, April 29 - May 4, 1992" by Maria Bustillos

The Awl was nice enough to publish this piece on the LA Riots. I didn’t read her DFW thing that’s getting a lot of plaudits (which is my loss, probably), but this was a real corker and gives you a great sense of that whole thing.

Other things:

The Studio 60 “hashfiction” phenomena was one of the most creative uses of Twitter before the world met @PeanutFreeMom & @DadBoner and managed to out-Onion The Onion. Never forget.

Charlie P. Pierce writing about domestic terrorism should probably be projected on large walls in town squares. He’s pretty damn good when he’s introspective, too.

I have my problems with Chuck Klosterman, but his Grantland debut—about the end of a three-on-five basketball game—is great and the sort of thing that site promised we’d be getting several times a week.

I’m sure I missed something, but whatever, this is my opinion. What I am trying to get at is this: Reading is fun!

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